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#1 is a "ONE-STOP Solution" to sell your car Fast and Hassle-Free. We will help you to valuate, inspect and sell it at higher value through transparent "LIVE" bidding. The whole process is fast, secured, transparent & free for all users.

myTukar accepts all used cars with outstanding bank loan and our Client Experience team will guide you through the hassle-free process of settling your bank loan. Please kindly submit your car details for inspection booking or feel free to contact us to know more.

We accept all used car registered in Malaysia up to 20 years old. However, we do not accept reconditioned (recon) cars registered under Personal AP's and Student AP's. For more information, please contact our Client Experience team.

For friends & family: Yes, you can bring the car for inspection on behalf. However, owner required to be present for verification and transfer of ownership (through thumbprint system) during handover process.

For company registered: Yes, you may bring company registered car along with below item during handover process: -

a) Original registration card
b) Business registration, Form 49 & 9
c) Copy of Director(s) NRIC
d) Cash invoice (if applicable)
e) JPJ resolution letter (with company letterhead)
f) Disposal letter (with company letterhead)
g) Spare Keys
h) Car

How should I contact for more information?

You can reach us with various channel as below:

• Telephone : (+60) 03 - 5699 0999
: (+60) 18 - 205 9999
: (+60) 18 - 224 9999
• Live chat :
• Facebook :
• Instagram : @myTukar
• E-mail Us : Contact Us Here

Our Inspection operating hours are:
Monday - Sunday: 9:30am to 6:30pm

We have a nationwide network of more than 1,900 used car dealers throughout Malaysia (including Sabah & Sarawak), in which buyers will place their highest offer through our transparent live bidding session. We will provide the login details so you could experience the transparent process live.

Step 1 : Fill in your personal and car details at online submission form at
Our dedicated staff will guide you through the process flow

Step 2 : Upon your acceptance of the bidding process and T&C, you may proceed to set an Inspection Appointment at any myTukar Inspection Centre. Your car details will be published to our bidding platform on the next business day.

Step 3 : Upon acceptance of your highest selling price,
we will guide you through handover process. You are then required to handover the car and documents within 5 working days from acceptance date. Documents and items you should bring along during handover:

Original car registration card (Car Grant)
Approve Permit (if Applicable)
Warranty / service book (if applicable)
Settlement Loan Letter (if applicable)
Authorization of Loan Settlement form (If applicable)
Payment will be done within 24 hours to the owner’s personal account via Interbank GIRO (exclude weekend & Public Holiday)

We DO NOT charge any fees to customers. But we will charge RM500 for every successful bided car upon handover. myTukar does provide “Add-On” services for your convenience:

Mobile Inspection: Our inspector will come to your place for inspection. This only costs RM100.00 per vehicle.

Mobile Handover process: We will come to you for handover process, transfer of ownership and collection of the car sold. This only costs RM150.00 per vehicle.

Yes, our bidding platform is trusted & transparent. You will receive our "Live" bidding login details within 24 hours after your car is inspected and listed on the bidding session through your registered email.