Mercedes Vision EQS


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Our first drive with the Mercedes Vision EQS was like a very luxurious time travel.

Forget Cape Canaveral. My departure base is in Futtsu. I don't even need to take off on my trip to move to another dimension in this area an hour north of Tokyo. Opposite me is a spaceship that moves people at zero altitude, transporting people not only from point A to point B, but to another time.

The EQS rises on the EVA2 platform, which is designed to be electric only. One of these platforms, which will be one of the backbones of the electric car revolution, is owned by VW: MEB. These new platforms allow us to take advantage of the electric car much more than the EQC, which has a semi-electric spirit and is derived from the GLC.

I was allowed to get behind the wheel of the Vision EQS, although it's still a concept. That's why I sit very carefully in the white upholstered driver's seat and run my eyes through the very elegantly designed cabin. Actually, there is not much to see here. Everything is digital. All instruments and control elements are projected onto the white cockpit only when needed. In fact, I will not need any of these on this pedestrian road I test.

The EQS provides completely new perspectives for drivers due to the ultra-thin pillars, glass roof and low-position instrument cluster.

I touch the throttle lightly and Captain Future's spaceship moves in complete silence, moving along Futtso's docks. And this is one of the first drives of the vehicle. Unfortunately, the driving character of the EQS is not as impressive as it looks. In fact, the fact that he cannot show his real character plays a role in this. Because with its 476 HP power, the EQS can perform 0-100 km / h in less than 5 seconds and reach 200 km / h.

Unfortunately Mercedes needs a little more time to start teleporting its customers into the future: at least another 18 or 24 months!