Chip maker TSMC opens the pouch: $ 100 billion investment


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Chip giant TSMC announced a new $ 100 billion investment to overcome the crisis in the industry. The company said that this money will be spent in three years. Following the news, the company's shares gained 2 percent.

The Corona virus pandemic has increased the demand for chips. Companies cannot keep up with this increasing demand. For this reason, there is a production crisis in the automotive sector. Turkey also stopped production at some factories splashed crisis.

It is worried that the crisis will grow and spread to other sectors, especially computer and smartphone production.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), the world's largest chip maker, made a new statement. TSMC announced that it will invest an additional $ 100 billion in chip production within three years.

The company said they wanted to meet the growing demand for advanced chips. TSMC was planning an investment of $ 25-28 billion within the scope of the 2021 action plan. Thus, this investment was expanded.

The spread of 5G technology has created an explosion in the need for advanced chips. In addition, the speed of digitalization has increased due to Covid-19, which has led to an increase in the need for conductive chips.

Following the announcement, TSMC shares gained 2 percent on the Taipei stock exchange.

TSMC is not the first company to announce an investment in chips. Chip maker Intel announced last week that it will invest $ 20 billion for two new factories.