Automakers face harsh environmental regulations


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European car manufacturers will have to produce vehicles with lower carbon emissions in order to be included in the 'green investment' class.

Unless automobile manufacturers meet the hard carbon emission figures, they will not be included in the scope of sustainable investment in accordance with the new rules of the European Union.

With the green finance rules that will be implemented as of the end of 2021, the EU will determine which investments can be marked as sustainable according to the rate of contribution to the fight against global climate change.

With these rules, the EU plans to force financial service providers to explain which investments actually meet the green criteria and which do not. Thus, it will be prevented from hiding behind a possible green curtain, that is, showing non-environmental investments as environmentalists.

The European Commission published its rule proposal Friday and wants to consider public reactions before finalizing the rules.

According to the rules, automakers can be considered a sustainable investment if they produce vehicles that emit 50 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

After 2026, vehicles with only zero carbon emissions can be classified as sustainable. This means that hybrid vehicles will be excluded from the sustainable class.